Fishing at B. A. Steinhagen Reservoir, Texas
Fishing Regulations
All species are currently managed under statewide regulations.

Angling Opportunities
Due to the shallow nature of the reservoir, the most popular game fish at B.A. Steinhagen is the catfish. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish are all present in good numbers. An average population of largemouth bass is present and fishing is fair. Good numbers of spotted bass are present in the Angelina River. A good crappie fishery exists, especially in the spring. Low numbers of white bass are present and the fishery is limited to the early spring during the spawning run above the reservoir. Bluegill and redear sunfish are present in high numbers and provide good fishing, especially for youth or inexperienced anglers.

Largemouth Bass
Spotted Bass
White Bass

Fishing Cover/Structure
In this shallow lake, the abundance of aquatic vegetation is relatively high. Predominant types are water hyacinth, hydrilla, and American lotus. Flooded timber and cypress trees provide additional cover for game fish. Above the reservoir, the Angelina and Neches rivers provide excellent habitat for spotted bass, crappie, and catfish.

Tips & Tactics
Anglers catch catfish throughout the reservoir, although the best catfishing is found in the Neches River above the reservoir. Trotliners and jugliners catch blues and channels on cut bait, while flathead catfish prefer live bait. Catches of flathead catfish over 50 pounds are common in the Neches River. Anglers are most successful at catching largemouth bass during the fall, winter, and spring months when the water is cooler and fish are active for longer periods of the day. When fish are active, crankbaits and spinnerbaits worked around vegetation will catch bass. During the hot summer, the bite slows and fish activity is usually concentrated during early morning and late evening. Poppers, propeller baits, and flukes are good topwater choices during low light conditions. As the sun rises, bass concentrate in or around vegetation edges, lily pads, cypress knees, and creek channels. During this time, plastic worms are the preferred bait. Spotted bass provide a year-round fishery in the Angelina River. Small spinners and topwaters worked around brush are good choices. Most crappie are caught in shallow water during the spring spawn on jigs and minnows. Sunfish, especially bluegill and redear sunfish, can be caught year-round but fishing peaks in late spring or summer when fish are on their spawning beds. Small jigs, spinners, and crickets all catch sunfish.

Aquatic Vegetation
Primarily water hyacinth, hydrilla, and American lotus.

This information courtesy of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, B.A. Steinhagen Lake.
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